Cat X Faris

Caterpillar, the popular footwear and equipment manufacturer, has partnered with Clout Cloud to launch a dynamic marketing campaign that encourages people to “do more” and push their limits.

To bring this vision to life, Clout Cloud has enlisted the help of two influential and daring musicians in Pakistan, Faris Shafi and Talal Qureshi, to create a song that embodies the brand’s boldness and “do more” message. From the inception of the idea to the production of the music video, our agency has provided an all-encompassing service to ensure the campaign’s success.

As part of this campaign, we have also collaborated with influential personalities across a range of fields to showcase how Caterpillar’s footwear and equipment can help people do more and achieve their goals. Whether you’re a musician, entrepreneur, or adventurer, Caterpillar’s products are trusted partners that enable you to take on the world. We are confident that the “Do More” campaign will leave a long-lasting impact on Caterpillar’s market.