Brands Or Influencers?

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How it Works

Our Story

We focus on marketing that plays upon the notion of relatability. We live in a product/service conscious society that lays great emphasis on the choices of our rather well known peers and associates. What we eat and what we wear is largely established by the likes and dislikes of our social circles. The better known and widely followed influencers in various social circles and social segments will be the prime users of our application. It is through these users that we will enable brands to exercise targeted and result oriented marketing campaigns at negligible costs. Our digital platform will thus enable us to streamline the processes involved in connecting relevant brands with relevant influencers.


Our mobile application will enable influencers to pick and choose from relevant campaigns suited to their forte through which they can expand their network and portfolio.


Through our tailor-made web portal, clients will be able to access influencers from across the country according to their campaign goals and requirements. Furthermore, they can benefit from real-time data reporting from relevant social media platforms.

What we do

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Connecting Brands and Influencers

Our platform will enable both parties to connect with each other across Pakistan

Community Building

Brands and influencers can benefit mutually by becoming part of an ever-growing business community

Real Time Reporting

Monitor your campaigns and progress through our inbuilt data reporting system